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Discover the innovative keyring TwinCaps 


Surely, you’ve experienced the problem of an open can,

where the drink loses the gas after some time and you’re not sure if there isn’t any wasp, fly or other insect inside, which can be fatal to allergic people.


Moreover, the unstable can may easily be tipped over and the drink spilled in the car or on the table on important documents...


Besides, opening the can may be a disaster to your nails or even hurt your fingers.


The answer to all the troubles is the keyring TwinCaps, which:


  • contains two covers suitable for all cans (250, 330 i 500 ml) 

  • has a handle to easily open the can

  • has an advert space on both sides for your company name or product information

And that’s not all! 

We can install an NFC chip in the lid to quickly

launch programmed apps and sites after putting it close to a phone.


It can be an app or a mobile site with any information about your company or product and it will be available for your clients instantly!

TwinCaps is protected by copyright, patented and has an EU registered industrial design, that's why it's delivered exclusively by us. Our keyring has been awarded by the marketing branch with 2nd place in Top Design category and by the customers on the Gifts Exclusive fair. TwinCaps has also been presented on TVN Turbo television on Kuba Klawiter show "New Gadget".

Check out our offer and more details about TwinCaps in order to have the opportunity to present your Company or Product in an original, innovative and at the same time practical way. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more and determine the conditions of our cooperation.




Our TWIN Caps solution is the accessory that every soda can needs – two covers that will keep your canned drink fresh in a car, on the beach or whenever you quenched your thirst. TWIN Caps fit both soda type cans and slimmer energy drink cans. Every time you cover your can with the TWIN Caps you may be sure that your drink:

  • won`t spill

  • won`t host unexpected visitors such as bees or wasps which is crucial for people allergic to insect stings

  • will be particles free (this annoying beach sand!)

  • won’t go flat

The shape of the cover allows for an easy opening without damaging your nails. TWIN Caps are made from durable food industry attested material.


TWIN Caps consist of two complementary parts that once put together make an unique and attractive TWIN Caps keychain.
As every accessory of this kind the TWIN Caps key chain is equipped with a lanyard, small chain and a carabiner which makes it a clever gadget that can be attached to your keys, phone or a purse, it is easy to store in a car or a kitchen drawer, and comes handy at a barbecue party or on the beach.


TWIN Caps is an innovative solution on the market. It is a brilliant idea for an original, unconventional advert. It’s utterly innovative way to reach your clients. Used every day, practical TWIN Caps are a perfect way to attract consumers through their originality and functionality.

TWIN Caps is a set of two joined covers both with diameter of 55 mm. Each cover has a round surface that can be utilized as a commercial space for pad printing and screen printing or as a 3D lenticular image sticker, etc.

TWIN Caps is a fantastic idea for your advertisement! It is a perfect spot to place your logo, a slogan, a photo or your brand name — whatever you choose. Be a pioneer and become a real standout— show your best side!

Five important reasons to choose TWIN Caps as your advert medium:.


TWIN Caps can be used as a soda can cover as well as a keychain.
Some may find TWIN Caps a set of two covers for both cola type cans and slimmer energy drink cans, but for others it is also a convenient keychain. For whatever purpose a must-have TWIN Caps are used their multiple functionality increases the number of possible users and in turn lets your message and the advert to reach even bigger group of prospective customers.


TWIN Caps are made from the best available materials that will endure possible damages. This means that every user will be able to enjoy using their TWIN Caps even longer.


TWIN Caps set is an unique gadget that combines innovation and applicability.
It is an original solution yet to be introduced to the market – an item that gives rise to huge curiosity and undoubted interest. Simply, a must have.


TWIN Caps are produced using only safe materials attested for a contact with food and beverages.


  • Digital printing with UV curing

  • full palette of colours

  • 3D wax covered printing

  • Lenticular lens technology (a hologram providing a motion effect)

  • Multi layered and multi coloured silicones

    TWIN Caps an innovative idea for you!

    Become original and make sure you are recognized thanks to our original solution for soda can covers and a keychain in one!

Contact us for more information and orders:

+48 603 075 878